thank - you card no. 7

Haha! What a surprise Elina! thank you so much. I loved it and hope to get more of 'em, Moomins that is.

CL - 1053

This is my first card from Chile. I hope to receive more cards from unexpected and far places like this one.

FI - ?

If you happen to stop by here or read my note on my profile please let me know your id number, Satu.

US - 188678

"I am 6 feet 2 inches. And a size 14 in American shoe"

FI - 295557

more and more cards are making their way to my collection : ) I'm hoping to hit number 50 soon!

thank - you card no.6

Grand Canyon is unquestionably one of the greatest wonders on earth with a time span of 17 mill years. It may not be the deepest canyon in the world but it is unique for what it has to offer to its visitors. It is bigger and more colorful. I wish I could see it for myself one day, before I die!

P.S. it's so nice to be receiving all these thank-you cards :)

US - 189945

Did you know that the real Jamaica Inn that inspired Daphne du Maurier to write her gothic novel which was also called Jamaica Inn still exists and is a pub in northeastern Cornwall, UK? Dreary! :P

FI - 295405

The only thing I know about Tampere, Finland is that it is the third largest city in Finland in terms of population.

HU - 10217

school and exams...sound so far back in the past! i want to be a student again despite the exam stress. Another country i should definitely and definitely visit!

NL - 77875

Haha! you say you're 100 % Dutch and write me in Turkish :) You should feel proud Josine because you're pretty good and i see that you have + 4 languages on your profile. Some people are born with the ability to acquire languages more easily than the others. I don't know where to put myself ;P

FI - 294100

i really don't know what to write about Finnish cards any more :)

NL - 77809

What's with all these straw bags and a hat on that suit? Ah, well it must be a shooting for some kind of women's magazine or that sort of thing? the model looks so familiar though and the feet, gosh, what size are they?

DE - 160637

I wrote about that church in my thank-you message to Anna. Such a colossal one! I'll sure remember the name "Ulmer M√ľnster". I hope to visit Germany one day.
And another Hayao Miyazaki fan :) It makes me so happy to read about other people and their love of literature and music. I feel like i'm expanding.

thank - you card no. 5

Gabby! This is truly original : ) A card for the Palmetto Tree!

See? I finally found the time to finish up this, God, i don't know what i'm doing but i can't find time for anything!

BE - 15213

"This is a card from Belgium. Do you know where that is? "

And my reply to this is:

Hey, I live on this planet, too!

Sometimes, I really wonder what the Europeans/Americans must be thinking of us.

"Very dense , slow minded, ignorant people of the The Third World?"

HAH! I'm so furious now :D

FI - 286380

i don't know what i would do if I saw one for real :) Here, in Mount Spil, we have wild horses which i like to see one day, not of a special breed but they managed to survive somehow and now they serve for touristic purposes as well.

FI - 286379

two new postcards from Finland. Check the ID numbers! -79, -80? wow! :D

thank you card - no. 4

GB - 35293

US - 175576


DE - 15443

FR - 25186

I want loads and loads of map cards, please! : )

NL - 74756

i'm quite interested in traditional festivals and re-enactments i must say :) thank you!

MD - 873